[Clever Group - M&A] cMetric merger into Clever Group

[Clever Group - M&A] cMetric merger into Clever Group

(Date 2020-09-14 14:07:48)

            On September 14, 2020, Clever Group Corporation (Security trading code: ADG at UPCOM) has officially announced the investment and takeover of Clever Group in cMetric Corporation, in accordance with the goals in advancing the corporate ecosystem, furtherly meeting the needs of customers, as well as helping the Company to ceaselessly prosper.

Representatives from Clever Group and cMetric in the Signing Ceremony  

cMetric Corporation is one of the leading names in Social Intelligence Listening technology, founded and operated by leading experts in the fields of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

            With gigantic data sources of more than 100,000,000 profiles, 1,500,000 fan pages, 500,000 groups; 3000 websites, YouTube accounts, forums, radios and newspapers, etc. cMetric easily provide to businesses with the overview and understanding of not only the market, products, customers but also the competitors. Moreover, it helps businesses control and react to negative mentions and discussions about their brand on social media channels. Altogether, cMetric provides efficient and excellent solutions relating to brand management, product development, campaign execution and communication crisis alert.

 cMetric is top-provider of 5 services:

1. Social Listening Platform: A tool for searching, tracking, analyzing and alerting among Internet discussions according to established keywords.

2. Market Research Report: A report of information collected, data vault on social networks analyzed and combined with traditional survey reports. Types of reports provided: Market Research Reports, Brand Health Reports, Media Campaign Reports, and Media Crisis Reports.

3. Crisis Alert: A process of collecting data, filtering negative information, alerting customers via SMS or email, and continuing to monitor the sources of negative information and what potentially triggering.

4. Lead Enrichment: A solution to analyze and develop a list of potential customers for the business.

5. Social Monitoring: A technology to build and maintain a central system of business information management.

cMetric's clients come from various different fields such as: VTV, Embassy of Ireland, TAJ media, Viettel Pay, Giao Hang Tiet Kiem, Mobicast etc.

             After receiving Clever Group’s investment, cMetric is going to upgrade the system, enhance personnel quality, as well as to perfect its service solution packages.

             With the investment in cMetric, Clever Group hopes to deliver to customers a more diverse ecosystem of technology and advertising, meeting the demands of diverse businesses in market research, campaigns planning and execution, as well as brand crisis control and forecast.

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